How I met with Godot?

I do not really remember when it is, maybe January 2015 that was my first time I’ve found Godot. At that time, I’ve been joined open source community named Doscom (Dinus Open Source Community) and Doscom held a workshop about game development. So I’m the one who focussed on game development has a job to teaching.
Because the community is open source, I need to find the open source game engine, and finally, I found out Godot. Why I chose Godot? I’m used to developing a game with Unity3D, and Godot is the similar one. Okay I will not explain more about the past, anyway you can check it here about the event.

Why I’m back using Godot?

Mid 2017, I’ve decided to use Godot again, why? Without open source (Doscom), I don’t know about Game Dev. So I want to give a feedback, the only way is using godot and share what I’ve learned. I will post blogs here, and maybe videos on youtube.

What do you think about Unity vs Godot?

Okay, mostly I’ve been developing 2D games. After I try to using Godot again, I’ve been really surprised, Godot really easy when developing 2D games, for example, the KinematicBody2D has a move function. Move function calculates and detects a collision. As far as I know, Unity doesn’t has this function, only the CharacterController on 3D has the move function. Godot also has a tilemap node, which Unity doesn’t (planned September 2017 ??). So for me, this is really helpful!! TFW, KinematicBody can get the floor (collider) velocity!! Godot, you stole my heart!!

If you want to know godot more, you can search it in google, there is so many article about godot. I will recommend this one GameFromScratch


Don’t forget to support godot to make it good and more good!! If you can donate, you can support it via Patreon, or just one time donation via Paypal. Don’t worry if you can’t donate, you can support godot by using Godot for now, spread the words!!!